it's ready!


My dad and I have finished up the house we were renovating. It's a 4/3 (3000 sf) house in the Poplar Springs School district of Meridian. Please contact me if you would like more information. See this post for some before pics.

*sorry for the bad lighting/ iPhone pics.

baubles on the brain


If you've been reading for awhile you know that a friend and I have have been playing shop. We have a booth at Interiors Market in Jackson and at The Atrium in Meridian. We've recently stocked our Meridian booth with lots of fun jewelry that we can't keep on the shelf. It's been fun for us to pick out and order what we love ... and what we think our customers will like as well. I think part of the reason that I've enjoyed it so much is because a cute $20 necklace can really jazz up my boring wardrobe! Here are a few of my favorites. We are happy to ship... just email me if you are interested in any of these!










*Everything shown is $14 to $30 and several items come in both silver and gold. See why we've become bauble obsessed?

Follow us on Instagram where we post new arrivals daily. We are offering a great giveaway on one of these necklaces through 10 a.m. today!

great deals on trade items


It's the nature of the business when you purchase something and it ends up not working in a space. I have two clients that are wanting to sell Visual Comfort fixtures. Prices are a steal... much less than retail! Please email me if you are interested.

$350 shipped
Like new. This was used for a short time in a client's home but was changed out for something else.

$700 shipped
Brand new in original packaging.

Great deal on this custom table skirt. This could easily be shipped and you could have a local carpenter/hardware store make you a plywood table base. Measurements are 72" wide x 18" deep x 42" tall. Natural linen with white/blue trim (it's fully lined). Skirt is only $225 shipped! *if you are in Meridian or Jackson the price is $300 with the table*

flipping a house


 My dad and I have been flipping a house in our neighborhood. I thought I would show you a few progress shots. Of course I don't have better 'before' pics... that would make this post easy. Hopefully you can get a feel for what it looked like before. We hope to be finished in about a month and I'll post final pics then. I love a good before and after!

Playroom/den before (I don't have a current pics but it looks much better where they tore out the fireplace and sheetrocked that brick wall):


 Kitchen before:

You can see on the floor where the cabinets used to come out into the kitchen and block it off from the breakfast room. We are making this entire room the kitchen. 

And then we decided to open up the wall from the kitchen to the dining to make this room the breakfast room:

Current Kitchen--- cabinets going in next week:

 Pink and blue bath before:

Current shot of pink & blue bath:

Pink and green bath before:

Pink and Green Bath progress:

 Entering the master area- the bathroom door was to your left in the hall. You now enter the bathroom from the master bedroom but the closet door moved from the bedroom to the hall on the right.

Before Master Bath (new entrance is where the sink used to be):


Current master bath:

It's a 4/3 and around 3000 sf. If you are in Meridian and know of anyone interested... please contact me!

booth locations :: follow us


In case you missed this post last fall... a friend and I opened a booth at Interiors Market in the Fondren area of Jackson. Since then we have opened a second location in The Atrium in Meridian. We've had a great time researching and thinking about what we can have in our booths that you would like.... and know that we are always open to suggestions!

You can keep up with us on both Instagram and Facebook. We tried to frequently post what we've been up to and what is new to the booth.

If you live in Jackson or Meridian we would love for you to stop by. And we are happy to ship if you see something in a photo that you must have... just email us!

spring fashion round-up


While I am obviously no fashionista/fashion blogger/ etc… I thought I would share with you a few staples that I have fallen in love with this spring. Perfect everyday items for running errands and chasing little ones in the yard!

spring finds


bowl :: cake plate :: cover-up :: wedges :: wine glasses :: painting :: beach towel :: shorts :: bag

my house :: the foyer


This room is kind of like the playroom… it took me awhile to get it to a point where it felt right. For awhile it was so blah and brown. Here are the different phases it's been through since May 2011.

Before we started the renovation:

During Renovation (closed up the cased opening to the dining on the left--- that room became part of the kitchen):

Right after we finished the renovation:

 And now:


My two favorite additions are the Stray Dog Artichoke Lamp (I will admit that I bought two of these for our booth in Jackson but one of them landed here):

And two watercolor paintings by Erin McIntosh from Gregg Irby Gallery: